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WiFiPPPoE V2.0 Released

After a long time period (sorry...), the new version of WiFiPPPoE Android software is now released in Google Play (formally known as "Android Market"). It contains many user friendly changes and bug fixes and is much more better than the previous version. Just download and try it, you will find the difference.

The simple user manual is published in cnDDU wiki page and we will fill in more content to let you know the details. If you find your phone works with this software, please let us know so we can add the model into the "Tested List".


WiFiPPPoE V2.1 Released

As many users ask us about the busybox questions because our previous version of WiFiPPPoE application need busybox to run. But recently we found the busybox could be replaced by Android original toolbox, so the major change for Version 2.1 is to remove the dependency.

Now the rooted phone need not have busybox be installed to use our WiFiPPPoE application.